Our Mission
 There are many more of us awakening to the Spirit energies with varying degrees of awareness and understanding, it is these people we aim to help as well as the more advanced Spiritualists among us who wish to learn more. For many years the earth has been going through change and from a personal point of view this has caused shifts in our own lives that have taken us on new pathways, some of which may seem daunting but may just prove to be important lessons for us, to help each of us understand ourselves a little better. These changes have created clearings on a physically, mentally and emotional level, clearing our pathway, helping us to get to where we need to be for 2018 and beyond. The speed of change varies with each individual, for some it is a quick change for others it is a gradual change. The pace of change is not necessarily important as making the change itself and enjoying the journey. We are all unique, all here to serve a purpose on this earth. In the last decade the world of Spirit has opened and been working to enrich people's lives and has provided inspiration to create the Sancti Spiritus Centre, where we can continue to assist people in their Spiritual journey. So how can Sancti Spiritus Centre help you? • Learning and growing your Spiritual knowledge and understanding with like-minded people in a friendly and fun atmosphere • Workshops to expand your personal horizons • Guidance and demonstrations by experienced tutors • An opportunity to explore new ways of working with Spirit • Meet new friends on a similar pathway to you • Encourage you to work at your own pace, helping you to recognise and shift any blocks • Encourage you to use your own unique intuition to communicate with the Spirit world using different techniques • Try to help you connect with your Guides and to support you along your spiritual journey • Be adaptable to your individual learning style so you get the most out of your time at the centre • Encourage you to use all of your working senses and maybe awaken other unopened senses

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